BandUp: The History


Humble start by a bunch of crazy friends

When we launched the first BandUp in 2008, we had the same outlook and expectations: have fun while providing value and making a difference.


By The Numbers

Before YouTube was a 'thing'; before social media wielded the power it has today; we set out to build the band of tomorrow using an unfamilar medium: viral media. Success was modest, yet we felt we piqued the interest.


Cities Visited

Hitting, Pretoria, Johannesburg, Bloemfontein, Cape Town and Durban (South Africa) we took the most epic roadtrip of our lives. We stayed in dodgy hotels and ate way too much fast food. The amazing talent we met, made up for it all!



Word soon got out, and we had the privalege to see 160 talented musicans audition. Mostly local, we had a few visiting international artists, and we were blown away by the enthusiasm, passion and skills. Bring on 2019!


Celebrity Visits

The proverbial revolving door never stopped, and we had some great local bands Taxi Violence, Stealing Love Jones and Scarlett Box drop in to say hi. We topped it off with visits from Sugardrive and Sean from Seether.


Stream Views

We were blown away by the sheer amount of views our live stream peaked at. Even in today's scale, 4,3 million stream views for our project was humbling, but equally exciting. We dare to dream what 2019 will bring for BandUp.

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